☛ Hatchback – Rs.750
☛ Sedan – Rs.850
☛ SUV / Luxury – Rs. 1000
☛ Daily Services
Exterior Body Blow Cleaning
Exterior Body Hi Pressure Sprayjet Cleaning
Exterior Body Pressure Drying
Exterior Body Buff Cleaning
Eco Glass Cleaning & Gloss
Hi Pressure Sprayjet Tyre Cleaning
Wheels Rim Cleaning
Mud Flaps Hi Pressure Sprayjet Cleaning
☛ Weekly Services
In addition to the Daily Services of Classic,
Exterior Body Shampoing with Eco Polymers
Interior Complete Vacuum Cleaning
Interior Dashboard Blow Cleaning
Interior Aroma Treatment
Floor Mat Vacuum & Blow Cleaning
Tyre Polishing with Eco Polymers
Facilitation for Competitive Insurance Renewal
☛ Hatchback – Rs.1250
☛ Sedan – Rs. 1350
☛ SUV / Luxury – Rs.1600
☛ Daily Services
In addition to Daily Services of Classic
Tyre Pressure Checks
Tyre Pressure Top ups (Air only)
☛ Weekly Services
In addition to Weekly Services of Classic
Mud Flap Polish
Exterior Body Polishing with Eco Polymers
Engine Compartment Blow Cleaning
Exterior Foam Cleaning
Door Hinge cleaning & greasing
Interior Dashboard Polishing with Eco Polish
☛ Hatchback – Rs.1650
☛ Sedan – Rs.1750
☛ SUV / Luxury – Rs.1900
☛ Daily Services
As per Elegance Package
☛ Weekly Services
In addition to the Weekly Services of Elegance
Steering Wheel Sanitisation
Engine Oil Check<
Oil Leakage Check
Disc Brake Pad Blow Cleaning
☛ Special Monthly Services
ECM Check (Monthly)
Battery Check (Monthly)
Pollution Check
Coolant Check
Special Subsidised rates for Add-on Services
For Members
Add on Services at Competitive Prices at your Doorstep
Foam cleaning of interiors and fabric
Dry Cleaning of Interiors and Fabric
Stain Removal treatment of fabric
Car Ceiling Carbon Deposit Removal
Alloy Wheel Treatment
Tyre Treatment for Abrasion Resistant
Exterior & Interior Polish
* Prices are exclusive of taxes. Standard taxes apply.