About Us

Remember how shiny, fresh and clean your car looked when you got her home the first time! You made her a promise – to look after her, to take care of her, to give her the best care, just like she deserves…Baywash, a company driven by qualified professionals, will help you fulfill this promise!!! We will make sure she shines, she is spotless, she smells great everyday as she takes you to your destination with an associated pride.With our trained and professional team, our process-oriented approach along with full-proof robust checklist driven system for quality control, we aim nothing short of exceeding our customers’ expectations, consistently.

What Baywash offers you is a hassle-free solution to get your car professionally cleaned without any need for booking an appointment at car wash centres or waiting for your turn. And why settle for a local to clean it with dirty rags and buckets of water, and leaving wipe marks and uncleaned interiors, when you have Baywash committed to provide you a delightful experience of riding a car, clean and fresh as new, each day, every day.

Let your car say “Thank You” !